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The all new Super SOCO TC

The legend from the British 50th years

Equipped with the best and newest technologies of today, the SUPER SOCO TC celebrates the rebirth of the classic from the 50s and initiates at the same time a new era of the electric mobility.

0 km/h
Top Speed (limited)
0 km
0 kg
Net weight

Now aviable in Europe.

Official launch video SUPER SOCO TC

Pictures say more than a thousand words.

E-Mobility never looked so classicals

Choose your style of the SUPER SOCO TC

In the classical Retro style is not dull of the SUPER SOCO TC definitively. To find your personal style, you can choose between four different, good-looking designs.

LED headlights

of the next generation

Intelligent LED Around lighting makes every night the day. An automatic adaptation of the surroundings brightness measured by photo sensors switch the dipped headlights automatically. Also the indicators and back lights shine in the modern design which guarantees for plentiful looks provides. And during the day the day driving light LED shows that you drive here no “normal” motorbike.

Learn more about the Design

full Control

with a classic Cockpit

Overview is everything. The big display of the TC SOCO shows you all information which you need during your journey: topical speed, remaining reach, driving mode, temperature and a lot more. In the classical Retro design combined with the most modern technology. The background lighting shows you all infos of course also with darkness

Powerful batteries

for increased range

The Super SOCO TC can be equipped with up to two batteries simultaneously. Both of them are easily removable, so you don’t need to drag it to your apartment or your living room. Each battery consists of dozens of high-performance lithium-ion-cells from Panasonic, LG or Samsung – intelligent battery management system (BMS) included. That is the reason why Super SOCO is Europe’s first moped with a range of up to 160 kilometres – 100 % electric.

Learn more about the batteries

Endless power

BOSCH 17-inch hubmotor

Experience the electric mobility of her best side, no oil change or refill, no stinking exhaust gases, no noise pollution. The wheel hub engine together developed with BOSCH with a maximum power of 3000 watts brings the achievement completely without gear or without delay on the street and accelerates you faster than customary petrol engines on maximum speed.

Learn more about the performance

Ready for the future

The classic from the 50th returns.

Smartphone App

for ultimate individuality

Connect the Super SOCO via mobile cellular network with your smartphone. The free app is available for all platforms and serves multiple purposes: View all the details about your vehicle saved on the bordcomputer and see different data of your vehicle, exactly the way you want it to be. Aviable end of 2018, no standard equipment.

Accessories pleasingly?

Everything you need to know

at a glimpse

Technical Details and pictures

 € 3.290,-

End customer price  (incl. taxes)
Super SOCO TC incl. 1 battery (about 80 km of range)
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Europe-wide E-Mobilty subventions

Depending on the country you are living in, buying electric vehicles is financially supported by many governments, organisations or companies. Please get in touch with your local governmental institution to gather further detailed information. Because of this, switching to electric mobility is an absolute win-win-situation for 2018.


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